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Expert Advice for Content Creators ft. CA Anupama Sangraula | Let's Create Podcast Episode - 6

Expert Advice for Content Creators ft. CA Anupama Sangraula | Let's Create Podcast Episode - 6

On this episode of Let's Create Podcast, CA Anupama Sangraula shares invaluable insights and essential steps to legally register as a creator, fuel your passion, and monetize your content effectively. Anupama guides beginners through practical advice while delving into advanced topics like influencer marketing, pricing strategies, and optimizing content for maximum impact. Tune in to discover the secrets of converting views into currency, navigating marketing options, and fostering successful collaborations in the ever-evolving world of content creation in today's digital landscape. Chapters 00:00 - 03:46 Beginning of CA Anupama 03:46 - 11:11 Advice for Beginners 11:11 - 18:00 How To Fuel and Earn From Your Passion 18:00 - 22:03 Earning 9 Lakhs Per Month From Content Creation in Nepal 22:03 - 26:30 Plus Point of Content Creation 26:30 - 37:40 Brand Deals 37:40 - 40:46 Can Influencers Convert SALES? 40:46 - 45:46 Pricing Your Content 45:46 - 58:50 Influencer vs Facebook Boosting vs Traditional Marketing 58:50 - 01:01:18 DO's & DON'T in Working with Creators? 01:01:18 - 01:04:45 Stay as a Creator or Evolve into a Brand? 01:04:45 - 01:07:00 Steps to Legally Register as a Creator 01:07:00 - 01:14:00 Systemize Content Creation 01:14:00 - 01:18:20 Convert Views into Currency 01:18:20 - 01:23:36 Ending #ContentCreation #Monetization #InfluencerMarketing #Let'sCreate #AnupamaSangraula #PodcastEpisode
Ep 9: Sumana Shrestha | Rejuvenating Nepali Politics: Parliamentary Innovation & Citizen Engagement
Podspective by Daayitwa Abhiyaan

Ep 9: Sumana Shrestha | Rejuvenating Nepali Politics: Parliamentary Innovation & Citizen Engagement

In this episode of "Podspective" by Daayitwa Abhiyaan, Sumana Shrestha, a Member of Parliament, talks about the challenges facing Nepali citizens and the political landscape in Nepal. She discussed the need for citizens to actively engage in politics, especially the youth. She emphasizes the importance of changing the way politics is perceived in Nepal, promoting a more positive narrative. Structural reforms within the governance system are also highlighted as crucial, with Shrestha stressing the role of media and civil society in holding the government and political parties accountable. Furthermore, the conversation touches on creating opportunities within Nepal through entrepreneurship and underlines the significance of election accountability as a cornerstone of Nepal's democratic system. Timecodes: 0:00 - Introduction to Podspective 0:30 - Who is Sumana Shrestha? 2:46 - Equal opportunities and Fair access to Young Individuals 4:12 - Journey of Sumana Shrestha after returning to Nepal - (Nepal has a lot of opportunities because we have a lot of problems and Entrepreneurs are born to solve the problems) 7:16 - Motivation behind her commitment to Public Service 10:25 - Her entrance to the realm of politics 13:10 - Pivotal Dialogue that shaped her path to politics 18:25 - Eight-Year Journey of Transformation 21:55 - Shifts in Thought and Behavior as a Public Representative 23:40 - Sad Trends in different sectors of Nepal 27:40 - Discussion on Controversial IT bill and Hackathon 30:54 - Identifying Core Issues Through the Hackathon 33:50 - Information Asymmetry in Nepal - Information Asymmetry caused by bureaucracy and media 34:45 - Developments in the Controversial IT Bill 36:02 - Capital Funding and Limit on Foreign Direct Investment 37:32 - Government's Perspective on the Link Between Enterprise and Employment in Rural Nepal 40:40 - Reality of Narrow Mindset of Nepali political leaders and Nepali Society- our politicians have their own bubble and seek the old information and same thinking pattern 44:09 - Unfortunate Realities of Rural Nepal (32 districts in Nepal are depopulating as the number of youths traveling to foreign countries is increasing) 46:32 - Role of media in shaping narratives and information dissemination 47:48 - Public Expectations and the Optimization of Public Representatives 51: 41 - Bureaucratic Service Delivery and the Urgent need for Structural Reforms 54:00 - Youth Engagement and Civic Activation for Governance 56:05 - Parliamentary Internships and Leveraging Social Media to strengthen Policy Awareness among the Public (For shorts) 57:38 - Examining Policy and Legal Impacts and Addressing Public Challenges through Public Discourse Platforms 58:42 - Authoritative Attitude of Public Representatives and the Urgency of holding accountable them through questioning 1:00: 45 - Establishing a Level-Playing Field Between Representatives and the Public to Tackle Real-World Issues 1:02:00 - Narrative development for increasing civic engagement 1:03:25 - Building trust between the Public and government promoting awareness and grassroot level problem solving 1:07:13 - Importance of Constructive Dialogues on Policy and Structural Provisions to Address Distrust Between the Government and the Public 1:10:25 - Incentivizing the system to ensure effective service delivery and public awareness 1:11:55 - Executing the Common Minimum Program and Ensuring Accountability Through Rigorous Monitoring 1:15:00 - Is there a space for the Inter-Party Caucus in the Parliament of Nepal? 1:18:15 - Access of information to youth and they want to fight for rights and facilities, 1:21:30 - Rashtriya Swatantra Party as a Platform for Driven Youth to Contribute their Experiences to Public Service 1:26:10 - Ensuring electoral representation through resource allocation and streamlined election preparation (providing resources to the first-timers and keeping the election preparation cost at check) 1:28:43 - Promotion of election accountability through adequate media coverage for candidates and prohibition of election cartels 1:31:40 - Channeling Public Pressure towards Political Parties' Internal Policies to ensure their transparency and accountability 1:34:40 - Where is the hope? Special Thanks: Guest: Sumana Shrestha Host: Dr. Pukar Malla Production Team - Abhiyanta Production Producer - Ms. Shuvangi Poudyal Communications and Outreach team: Mr. Aman Awale Ms. Dilasha KC Ms. Rasila Dhamala #Podspective #podcast #governance #Innovation #empowerment #policy #nepalese #leadershipdevelopment #challenge #nepalipodcast #Nepal #nepalnow #society #campaign #organization #development #Daayitwa #education #Nepal #nepalese #economy #federalnepal #empowerment #research #expertise #entrepreneurship #dynamics #representatiion #inclusion
Amrit Lakain - Luki Chhipi [Official Music Video]
Amrit Lakain

Amrit Lakain - Luki Chhipi [Official Music Video]

"Luki Chhipi" is very special to me as I started my musical career with this song. This song has the journey of 7 years as it was written back in 2017 and recorded in 2021. Finally, my dream of releasing the official music video of Luki Chhipi has come true. Genuine comments are highly appreciated. Now available on: Spotify : Apple Music : TikTok : Audio Credits: Vocal/Composition : Amrit Lakain Songwriter : Amrit Lakain, Aashish Lakain, Rohit Lakain Aashish Lakain - Flautist : Swarnim Maharjan Music Producer : Kobid Bazra Music produced at Bajra Creation Records Video Credits: Cast: Jenas Banjara Sagar Syangtan Director: Rojish Shahi DOP/Editor: Chhetri Rocks Storywriter: Amrit Lakain Production Manager : Karishma Shrestha Colorist: Anjon Limbu Stylist: Ashim Ranabhat Makeup Artist: Grishma Silwal BTS: Prasun Rajbhandari Assistant Manager: Sumit Baruwal Gaffer: Abin Shakya A Film by ABHIYANTA PRODUCTION Email: Contact: 9801754096 Special Thanks: Simran Maskey, Kusum Parajuli, Albigya Khadka, Sanchit Bhakta Shrestha, Bikesh dangol, Malisha Shrestha, Kishan Thapa, Sushil Shahi, Manju Kunwar, Subigya Man Tuladhar, Nishad Shrestha, Sahil Khadka, Prabin Budhathoki, Janak Kshetri Sponsors: Education Partner: Elite CA Shipping and Logistic Partner: Sharad Shipping Lines and Logistics Pvt. Ltd. Business Consulting Partner: Promighty Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. Location credits : - Moksh (Jhamsikhel) - kathaharu Studio ©All Rights Reserved by Amrit Lakain. Unauthorized replication of any content related to this video is not allowed. #Lukichhipi #CrushSong #kobidbazra ............................................................................. Key : F Major Time Signature : 4/4 BPM : 88 Camelot : 7B Chords: F, Bb, C, Gm, Dm ............................................................................. 🎤 Lyrics Verse: Luki Chhipi timro aakhan ma heri Muskuraudai thhe ma Thaha Pauchhyau ki timile bhani Thorai darai rahe thhe ma Feri ek fera timilai herna mann lagyo khai kina kina Timro ek jhalko pauna lai ma kuri basthe har dina Chorus: Timro samu aauna ta sakdina Manka kura kasari bhanu ma Barsau biti sakyo chaheko tarah Manka kura kasari kholu ma Aa....Aa...Aa... Haa...Aaa...Aaa... Verse: Jaba timi lai haseko dekchhu Manai mana ramauchhu ma Sathi haru sanga basda pani Timrai yaad ma tolauchhu ma Timro aawaz sunda mero dhadkan badchha khai kina kina Dara lagchha timi bina kasari katchha yo jiwana Chorus: Timro samu aauna ta sakdina Manka kura kasari bhanu ma Barsau biti sakyo chaheko tarah Manka kura kasari kholu ma Aa....Aa...Aa... Haa...Aaa...Aaa... Luki Chhipi timro aakhan ma heri Muskuraudai thhe ma................... .............................................................................. 🎤 लुक्की छिपी लुक्की छिपी तिम्रो आँखामा हेरी मुस्कुराउँदै थेँ म थाहा पाउँछ्यौ कि तिमीले भनी थोरै डराइ रहेँथे म फेरी एक फेर तिमीलाई हेर्न मन लाग्यो खै किन किन तिम्रो एक झल्को पाउनलाई म कुरी बस्थेँ हर दिन तिम्रो सामु आउन त सक्दिन मनका कुरा कसरी भनु म वर्षौँ बितिसक्यो चाहेको तर मनका कुरा कसरी खोलु म जब तिमीलाई हाँसेको देख्छु मनै मन रमाउँछु म साथीहरु सँग बस्दा पनि तिम्रै यादमा टोलाउँछु म तिम्रो आवाज सुन्दा मेरो धड्कन बढ्छ खै किन किन डर लाग्छ तिमी बिना कसरी कट्छ यो जीवन तिम्रो सामु आउन त सक्दिन मनका कुरा कसरी भनु म वर्षौँ बितिसक्यो चाहेको तर मनका कुरा कसरी खोलु म लुक्की छिपी तिम्रो आँखामा हेरी मुस्कुराउँदै थेँ म......

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